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We have been working with After Effects, Cinema 4D, Boujou and Sony Vegas for more than 5 years
and we think we have a good eye for editing and cutting.

We always strive to improve our passion
and we are therefore also ready for a challenge within certain limits.

We have our own professional camera and equipment
as well as our own small studio in Tilst where we make our magic.

We strive after our customers wishes and do our best to offer you the best product you can get in Tilst.

Here at Iversen Productions we make movies, music, and pictures for you who do not have patience enough to make it.


Projects we have made.

(Newest) Our new customer service

1v1 me in cross let's go!

Denmark according to Nicko - Part 1

Just a small update on a maybe upcoming game?

InterPass Update 4 - A brand new start

InterPass Update 3 - Beach party

InterPass Update 2 - Now with dynamics

(Oldest) InterPass Update 1 - Alpha Omega


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